Тюнинг Renault Logan et On дорабатывает то, что не было сделано на заводе Logan

Тюнинг Рено Логан

Renault Logan is a mid-size sedan manufactured by the French carmaker Renault. It has been around since 2004 and has been a popular choice among car enthusiasts who are looking for a reliable and affordable car. One area where the Renault Logan has always lacked is in its tuning capabilities. However, with some effort, the Renault Logan can be tuned to improve its performance and make it a more thrilling driving machine.

The first thing to consider when tuning the Renault Logan is adding improving its performance by enhancing the engine. There are several performance upgrades available for the Renault Logan that can improve the car’s overall power output. Some of these options include cold air intakes and performance exhaust systems. A cold air intake will improve airflow to the engine, while a performance exhaust system will allow more air to flow out, thereby increasing the engine’s power. These upgrades will improve the car’s acceleration, top speed, and overall performance.

Next up, you can add a new suspension to improve road handling and stability. The Renault Logan’s suspension system is a tad bit too soft, making it difficult to handle high-speed turns and making manoeuvres on the roads. Adding a high-performance suspension system, including coilovers and sway bars, can improve the car’s stability and handling ability. Additionally, lowering the car’s centre of gravity with coilovers will also increase the car’s drifting ability on the track.

The Renault Logan can also sport customized wheels and tires. Upgrading to broader rims, coupled with high-performance tires, can improve the car’s grip, especially around the corners, enhancing road holding, and reducing braking distances. Furthermore, a bigger tire and wheel package will also improve the car’s stance and make it more visually appealing.

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An aftermarket ECU and chip are also helpful modifications that you can make to your Renault Logan. These modifications will allow you to fine-tune the car’s engine to match the additional performance upgrades that you decide to install. With a proper ECU and chip tuning, the Renault Logan’s engine would release more power and torque that would allow it to deliver smoother and quicker acceleration, and a better fuel economy.

Lastly, aesthetically modifying the Renault Logan’s interior and exterior can make the car even more attractive. Upgrading the seats, carpets, dashboard, and door panels with soft-touch leather upgrades will make for a comfier and luxurious cabin. Exterior upgrades such as the installation of custom body kit, spoilers, and headlights make your Renault Logan more visually appealing and unique on the road.

In summary, the Renault Logan has great potential when it comes to vehicle tuning. By upgrading the engine, suspension, wheels, tires, and using an aftermarket ECU and chip tuning, the Renault Logan can be improved in all essential performance areas. Furthermore, aesthetics improvements can also be made to enhance the car’s beauty, making it a full-turnaround car that’s fun to drive.

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